Ptfe Insulation Sleeve product information

Ptfe Insulation Sleeve product information

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Ptfe Insulation Sleeve features: this product by teflon pipe steel wire armoured, fitted with metal connector on both ends, with high and low temperature resistance, pressure, corrosion resistance, not sticky, and long life and other valuable advantages.

Ptfe Insulation Sleeve structure: the inner layer of teflon hose, its characteristic is high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, not sticky. Outer layer coated by adopts stainless steel SUS304 woven network, strengthen the hardness of tube, improve the compression and protection.

Ptfe Insulation Sleeve USES: applicable to rubber, plastic, clothing, cars, machine tools, shipbuilding, motor, diesel engine, paper and other industries as a hydraulic fittings, steam pressure, steam delivery etc.

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